Solar Swap

An automated market maker operating on the Solana blockchain, harnesses the power of a central limit order book to facilitate blazing-fast trading, shared liquidity, and innovative yield-generating capabilities via Solar Swap.

Lightning speed UI

SolarSwap offers the fastest UI and transactions submissions by over 7x than all other DEXs. There is no more need to undercut your trading speed when trading on Solana chain.


SolarSwap comes with it's own Anti-MEV RPC which is exclusively for holders of $SOLAR. This RPC ensures traders on the swap won't be sandwich attacked by trading bots.

Cheapest Open Market Fees
(For Developers)

Instead of paying the regular market price of 2.8SOL for Open Market on Solana, users can now pay 1.5 SOL via SolarSwap. This is over 45% discount from normal market rates for New Markets when creating a liquidity pair.

Solar Swap Roadmap

Working Process of Fast.

(Q4 2023):

Project Initiation

Formation of the Solar Swap team.
Research and development planning.
Project concept design.

(Q1 2024):

Core Development

Securing initial funding through token sale or grants.
Smart contracts development on Solana.
Building the Solar Swap decentralized exchange (DEX) infrastructure.
Establishing the foundation for the Solar Swap token (SOLAR) and governance.
V1 Solar Swap App release.
Conducting a limited beta release for early adopters and testers.
Gathering feedback to improve user experience and security.
Launching the Solar Swap token (SOLAR).

(Q2 2024):

Testing and Security Audits

Extensive testing of the Solar Swap platform for expansion.
Engaging third-party security auditors to ensure the platform's security.
Bug fixing and optimizations.

(Q3 2024):

Takeover Launch

Full-scale mainnet launch of Solar Swap new applications.
Integrating with new wallets and third-party applications.
Initiating liquidity mining programs to incentivize users.

(Q4 2024):

User Adoption and Education

Implementing marketing and outreach campaigns to attract more users.
Providing educational resources and tutorials for new users.
Expanding the Solar Swap community through partnerships and collaborations.
Continuously improving the Solar Swap platform by adding new features.
Implementing advanced trading options, such as margin trading and options.
Exploring cross-chain interoperability with other blockchains.

(H1 2025):

Governance Enhancements

Further developing the governance structure for SOLAR token holders.
Enabling decentralized decision-making for protocol upgrades and changes.
Implementing decentralized governance proposals and voting mechanisms.

(H2 2025):

Ecosystem Growth

Expanding the Solar Swap ecosystem by partnering with other DeFi projects.
Supporting new tokens and assets on the platform.
Exploring decentralized lending and borrowing services.
Establishing a self-sustaining business model through fee generation and token incentives.
Continuously monitoring and optimizing platform security.
Focusing on long-term community engagement and support.

Global Adoption


Expanding the reach of Solar Swap to global markets such as Nasdaq and LSE.
Collaborating with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance where needed.
Becoming a leader in decentralized finance on the Solana blockchain.

How to Buy

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